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This utility is a COM add-in programmed in Microsoft® Visual Basic® for Application (VBA) using RibbonX and CommandBars objects to be functional in any Microsoft® Office local language. It destines to Microsoft® Office users migrating to the 2007 or 2010 version that, knowing the positions in the previous menu and toolbars structure, want to know instantaneously where they are in the Ribbon or want, eventually or not, to continue using menu and toolbars structure in the proper Office 2007 or 2010 without making changes in the Ribbon that could disturb the adaptation to the new interface.

Note: Showing a classic interface, although the main target described here is to teach the positions in the new interface, the Active Teach Ribbon has options to satisfy everyone: those users who love the new Ribbon interface and want to learn it fast and those who hate it. Despite Microsoft claims that it is an irreversible success, some users may want to hide it completely and show the classic interface with all its menus and toolbars, including context ones. Please see the FAQs for information about settings in the page of each application version.

All your knowledge and practice in the previous interface will continue being useful as before and they still go to facilitate your adaptation to Office new interface. Do not throw away your experience, but do not stagnate in it, by the contrary, use it to advance.

It contemplates all menu commands and toolbar buttons in all of their different possible positions to be taught and/or acted, about 857 in 33 bars in Excel, 1296 in 42 bars in Word, 948 in 27 bars in PowerPoint, and 1821 in 42 bars in Access that are shown by option or by context like in the original. The structure pops up selectively with the mouse running and goes away in an automatic fashion without polluting the new interface with bars, which is the main target of the Ribbon.

There is a separate COM add-in for each Office application:

 - Active Teach Ribbon for Access... more...

 - Active Teach Ribbon for Excel... more...

 - Active Teach Ribbon for PowerPoint... more...

 - Active Teach Ribbon for Word... more...



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