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This utility makes easy date and decimal number entry in Microsoft® Excel® format cell. See the pictures below.

It consists basically of only one file (CellEasyEntry.dll, CellEasyEntry.exe, or CellEasyEntry.xla) that can be installed automatically. Except for the DLL, if you choose COM Add-in, no other setting is saved in the Windows Register. Its setting is saved in CellEasyEntry.ini, CellEasyEntryLoadExe.xla, and CellEasyEntry.xlam files that are created and maintained by the proper utility. You also can uninstall it automatically, leaving no mess on your Windows Register or disc.

Following items in this page:



Add-in Options to Install



- Allows only numeric typing.

- Auto inserts and always shows separators according to the format.

- Can foresee some logical typing.

- Can correct any illogical typing.

- Illogical end of a month is corrected in the proper month not trying to resolve in possible format types like VBA CDate and DateValue functions do. For example: 02/31/05 is corrected to 02/28/05 not 02/05/1931.

- Auto activates when selecting or double clicking unlock cells with date or decimal number formats.

- You will immediately perceive how easy it becomes to enter dates and decimal numbers, but you might not notice any difference in Excel interface, if it didn’t deliberately put a small blue mark at the top right corner of the cell cursor.

- If you have installed a recent version of the Popup Calendar for Excel, that small blue mark become red and, if it’s clicked, pops up the calendar to pick dates (Date picker). Similar behavior for the Popup Calculator for Excel.

- You can disable and enable quickly while editing a sheet via the mouse right button (Context menu) or by a button in the Excel Standard toolbar (Ribbon Add-ins tab in Excel 2007 or newer). A menu of options appears to disable all or for specific disablements: Disable for Dates, Disable for Decimal Numbers, Disable when Selecting, Disable when Double Clicking, Disable in Page Break Preview, and Disable in Page Layout View.


Tested in Excel 2000, 2002(XP), 2003, 2007, 2010 (32 and 64-bit), 2013 (32 and 64-bit), and 2016-21 (32 and 64-bit) in MSI-based and Click-To-Run installations of Office 365™ cloud-based services.


Download the English version now

You also can download from this mirror site

Last update: 12/23/2023 - 965.9kb

Freeware based in this License Agreement

Note: The above link downloads the installer and uninstaller package programmed in VBA in a XLS duly converted to EXE by the XLtoEXE to make the installation easier for macro and Microsoft® Windows® laymen; however, if you're an expert and for some reason prefer an installer and uninstaller package in open ZIP format, click here. With this zip package you can install it in three ways: (1) Simply initiate the Install.exe that loads the same XLS in Excel without macro alert; (2) Extract the entire package to a folder and initiate the XLS, enabling the macros in Excel and using 123 as password, or (3) Install the DLL manually.

Add-in Options to Install:

This utility can be available to be installed in three options of add-ins: EXE Add-in, COM Add-in, or Excel Add-in. COM Add-in and Excel Add-in run on Windows in the same process or memory space of Excel and are well detailed technologies in Excel documentation and good books about VBA, while EXE Add-in is a special name here for a mix of those two technologies where the same VBA code is run in separate EXE process and a small Excel Add-in makes the connection between the two processes. Despite the differences in the technologies, this utility is fully functional in any of them. So, what can decide on your choice to install are the features below compared:

Features / Add-in Options

 EXE Add-in

 COM Add-in

 Excel Add-in

- Availability in this package:




- Requires rights elevation in Windows:


Yes No

- Excel 64-bit supportability:


No Yes

- Performance in the load:


Great Poor

- Performance in the functionalities:


Great Great

- Interference in the Excel performance:

Very Little

Little Medium

- Risk of Excel crash:

Very Low

Low Medium

- Main file extension:


dll xla

¹Temporarily unavailable.




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