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A solution:

Unfortunately, this download is temporally unavailable in your current browser. Please consider returning another day or, right now, try accessing this site using a native Windows browser such as Microsoft Edge or Microsoft Internet Explorer. In those browsers, you should be able to download the content without any issues. I hope this solution proves helpful; after all, all the downloads on this site are exclusively intended for Windows users.

Tip! Here's an easy way to reopen the previous download page in your Windows native browser:
- Press the Win + R keys to display the Run text box.
- Insert: Iexplore.exe ?IdC=NatBrw
- Press the Enter key.

Explaining the failure:

The issue is that on the site all downloads have been in password-protected ZIP format for years and suddenly Google started to consider this type of download uncommon and classify the entire site as unsafe, lowering its position in searches and, most importantly, its decades-long reputation. It says there is unsafe content with downloads, but unfortunately it hasn't yet specified any URLs on the site that have anything insecure for me to review. Meanwhile, I had to temporarily remove all downloads from the site.

Why downloads on the site are safe:

I would like to explain and state that there is no risk of malware on the site and there is not even any scare for the user by possible false positive alerts, as all downloads are in ZIPs duly protected by a password and the user needs to read a TXT file containing, in addition to that password, the link to the VirusTotal report for the file or files in the zip. Therefore, the user has full control and information about security of the download.

In addition to the SHA256 used by VirusTotal as index and used here to certify the originality of the download from this site, all files in the zip with code (EXE, DLL, XLS, XLA, XLAM, DOC, DOT, DOTM, PPT, PPA, PPAM, MDB, AND MDA) still have code signing with certificate issued to me, Francisco Orlando Magalhães Filho, by Sectigo RSA Code Signing CA. Therefore, the only possibility of there being malware is if I, the developer, inserted what would be stupid.

I'm sure there is no malware, because I am the developer, the compiler, and the subscriber with a valid certificate of all files with code on my site, I know every line of code, and there's no third-party code. Inclusive, all our executables have auto check, and they stop working if they are changed externally even in a byte of size. I cannot commit the folly of distributing viruses on my sites because it is a crime in my country and in the USA. My site,, has been legally registered since 1996, until before Google existed, and I, as a developer, have registers at Microsoft,, Google (AdSense, AdWord, VirusTotal), Amazon, and many others. I repeat, in addition to signing, I document and guarantee the integrity of each file with code in a protected package containing the SHA256 certificate and making and referencing report in VirusTotal.

Original ZIP homepages:

In my site:

In Microsoft MVPs site: (Mirror - Redirected to


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